Yoga for Trauma Recovery

Arden In TwistYoga for Trauma Recovery combines yoga postures, breathwork and movement to release muscle tension in areas of the body that are activated during traumatic experiences or long-term stress. In addition, meditations and sound therapy help to restore self-expression, wholeness and emotional harmony.

During a stressful or traumatic event, muscles in the legs and abdomen are activated to help you run away from the threat. This occurs in response to both physical or psychological threats. 

If you cannot run away, the same muscles pull the body into the fetal position. This posture protects the vital organs in the abdomen, while exposing the back which is more able to withstand a physical attack. The psoas muscle, deep in the abdomen, is the primary muscle involved in this protection reflex. It often “holds” stressful emotions and may become chronically contracted as a result of stress or trauma.

Releasing the psoas muscle can be difficult, and requires special targeted exercises, postures and techniques. Yoga for Trauma Recovery includes a variety of exercises to release the psoas, the diaphragm and the adjacent muscles in the hips, abdomen, and lower back.

Yoga for Trauma Recovery classes promote deep healing in the mind, body and spirit. Arden creates a safe and loving environment for participants to reconnect with their spirit and intuition.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient system of exercises designed to remove tension and energy blocks in the body, which can cause restrictions in self-expression, mental distress, negative emotions, physical discomfort or limitations, pain, and even illness or disease.

A typical yoga class may combine powerful breathing techniques (pranayama), body postures (asanas) or body movement, eye focus, sound vibrations (mantras or chanting), hand positions (mudras), body locks or muscle contractions (bandhas), relaxation and meditation. Mantras are primal sounds or words from ancient languages that retain the connection between the sound and the meaning, such as the word “ma”.

Created in India thousands of years ago, millions worldwide have used yoga to reduce stress, promote healing, reduce aches and pains, strengthen the body, and increase flexibility to prevent injuries. For many, yoga is a spiritual practice because it reduces the mind’s tendency to focus on mundane worldly matters that distract us from our connection with the divine.

The word “yoga” means to bind or yoke. Yoga is the science of yoking the individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness. The movements and postures are intended to prepare you for meditation. During meditation, you have more direct access to your subconscious mind and your intuition or higher self. While your conscious mind is occupied with the “task” of meditating, the brain can perform housekeeping chores such as processing recent events and past traumas. Meditation is a powerful tool for self-transformation and spiritual growth.


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